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by Hermione Avila - Legal Executive

08 January 2013, filed under Wills

From all of our staff here in the Legal Centre office we wish you all a Happy New Year! To all of our customers and visitors, we would like to wish you a very happy and prosperous 2013.

Here in the Legal Centre office we’ve had the inevitable new year resolutions chat and weren’t really surprised that most of us have planned to “live healthier” with resolutions ranging from “make the most of my gym membership” to “remove eye make-up before bed” and “eat more veg”. We weren’t really surprised that none of us had resolved to get our affairs in order in the event of our death! Why would we? We’re all 40 and under in our office and the general consensus is that we all have lots of time to get these things in place. However, without wanting to bring everyone down so early in the year, the fact is that sometimes bad things happen, whether you have done your will or not so you might as well get on and do it!

According to research, only 40% of UK residents aged over 18 actually have written their wills. The most common excuses for not doing so are the time and expense that it takes to get an appointment with a solicitor for the document to be drafted.

So, the staff have decided that Legal Centre’s resolution is to get as many people to write their will in 2013!

How do we plan to achieve our goal?

Legal Centre sell will templates – single will templates and, for those who want them, joint will templates. Our normal charge is just £9.95 for these documents. In order to combat the “cost” issue that seems to prevent people from making their will, Legal Centre is slashing the cost of these templates to just £4.95. Visit our wills section to purchase a template. 

Further, we are running campaigns on both Twitter and Facebook. By simply retweeting or sharing our campaign posts (and then sending us your email address and which will template you require) we will send you a will template completely free. Thus, abolishing the cost issue for our followers completely!

The other reason people don’t seem to want to sort out their wills is the time it takes to visit a solicitor. By getting a will template you will not only save money but also the time it takes to book an appointment, park the car, find the solicitor’s office and then actually attend the meeting. The will template is easy to fill out and should only take around 15 minutes.

So, Legal Centre will save you time and money on drafting your will so why not make it your resolution today?

To find us on Twitter visit here or Facebook visit here and get retweeting and sharing for your free will template.

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