Pre Tenancy Agreement



Use our Pre Tenancy Agreement to commit a potential tenant to a tenancy agreement subject to satisfactory references and the payment of a deposit.

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Pre Tenancy Agreement Template

A Pre Tenancy Agreement is a document signed by both the landlord and the tenant before entering into a formal tenancy agreement. The agreement is commonly used by landlord who are renting property to students and want to get a firm commitment from the student but wish to have the opportunity to take up references or conduct other background checks before signing a formal tenancy agreement that then commits them to renting their property to that tenant.

The agreement is effectively a statement that the tenant is interested in renting a flat, room or other property and wishes to be considered by the landlord as the tenant. The landlord must also take the property off the market once the Pre Tenancy Agreement has been signed, ready to put into place a formal tenancy agreement upon receipt of satisfactory references. The agreement can be used in conjunction with the range of Tenancy Agreements that we provide on this site.

The Pre Tenancy Agreement makes provision for details of the rental property address, tenancy start date, duration, rent charge, and requests for references. Most landlords require at least three references to be provided by the tenant but you can choose to accept a lesser number. The references can be employment, educational or other character references.

The Pre Tenancy Agreement also deals with certain preliminary matters such as who will be responsible for paying the bills. For example, utility bills may be the responsibility of the landlord or the tenant. Sometimes these bills are split and apportioned between the two parties.

The Pre Tenancy Agreement template also lists the deposit amount required and any advance in rent that the tenant needs to pay. There is a declaration that states that if the tenant decides not to go ahead with the rental and withdraws from the agreement, they will have to forfeit their deposit. However, if the landlord backs out of the agreement, the landlord will return the deposit to the tenant. Therefore the agreement helps to stop the tenant or landlord from backing out without good cause.

Using our Pre Tenancy Agreement Template

The agreement template is completely customisable. For example, you may wish to change how the deposit is forfeited or returned. The Pre Tenancy Agreement is a legally binding document. This means when both parties have signed the agreement they are agreeing to the contents stated in the document.

Once the landlord has approved the references, received the deposit and any other advanced monies owed, it is up to the landlord to move on to the next step. The next step would be signing the formal Tenancy Agreement. The Pre Tenancy Agreement is necessary if you have other parties interested in the property or you feel the need to get the tenant to agree to the rental pending your approval.

Clauses in the Pre Tenancy Agreement Template

The Agreement covers the various issues mentioned above such as payment and forfeiture of deposit, refernces and payment of utility bills.

Associated Documents

Once the Pre Tenancy Agreement has been signed and the references and deposit obtained, you can then put in place the full tenancy agreement, such as our Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement which is for use when renting a whole property or our popular Lodger Tenancy Agreement for use when letting a room within your property.