Periodic Tenancy Agreement



Use a Periodic Tenancy Agreement when you want to put in placing a rolling tenancy agreement that continues until notice to terminate is given.

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Periodic Tenancy Agreement Template

A periodic tenancy agreement is a form of assured shorthold tenancy agreement but rather than have a fixed period of time for the term of the tenancy the tenancy continues until one of the parties gives the other notice to terminate the tenancy. In our standard Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement template you can edit the term of the tenancy so that it is either a fixed term agreement or a periodic tenancy.

Under an assured shorthold tenancy agreement the landlord and tenant have agreed to a certain rental term. As the end of the tenancy draws near the landlord or tenant must serve a notice to quit the tenancy, otherwise it will continue on a rolling basis and become a statutory shorthold tenancy agreement.

The notice to quit does not depend on any reason for termination since the fixed term tenancy is about to come to an end. The tenant can provide notice in writing one month before the tenancy's end date or in accordance with the terms of the tenancy agreement. If no notice to terminate the tenancy is served, the tenancy agreement will continue to run and a periodic tenancy agreement will automatically arise.

If you and the tenant are not sure how long you wish the tenancy agreement to last for then it can be much more practical to put in place a periodic tenancy agreement. You will need to decide how much notice must be given to terminate the periodic tenancy. This can be a period of months or weeks.

Using our Periodic Tenancy Agreement Template

Our Periodic Tenancy Agreement template has been drafted by a specialist residential property Solicitor to make sure that it is both up to date and reliable. The template has been drafted so that it needs only minimal editing to complete. You simply need to replace the information within the square brackets with your own information. Delete the brackets and your agreement is then ready for use.

Clauses in our Periodic Tenancy Agreement Template

The Periodic Tenancy Agreement contains the standard clauses found in the Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement whilst leaving the term of the tenancy open-ended.

Associated Documents

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