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Use our Subletting Agreement to create a sub lease of either residential or commercial leased property.

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Sublease Agreement Template

Our Subletting Agreement or “Sublease Agreement” as it is also known is for use when you are subletting either commercial or residential property. The Subletting Agreement enables a tenant to grant a sublease of their existing tenancy agreement to someone else who becomes the sub tenant. The Subletting Agreement transfers to the sub tenant all of the rights and responsibilities that relate to the original tenant under the original Tenancy Agreement.

It is important to note that as the original tenant you will still be liable to the landlord under the terms of the main lease. The Subletting Agreement incorporates the obligations contained in the main lease so that the Subletting Agreement imposes the same rights and responsibilities on the new sub tenant. Should the sub tenant not fulfill any of the required obligations, such as maintaining and repair of the property for example, then the original tenant must fulfill them and then claim against the sub tenant for breach of the Subletting Agreement.

Using Our Subletting Agreement Template

Our Subletting Agreement is easy to edit and fully customisable. 

Most tenancy agreements, especially Commercial Lease Agreements, contain a clause that prevents the tenant from subletting the property without the prior consent of the landlord. If this is the case then the permission of the landlord should be obtained first to avoid a breach of the main residential tenancy agreement or commercial lease agreement.

Clauses in this Subletting Agreement Template

This Subletting Agreement contains most of the standard clauses that you would expect to find in an agreement for the sub leasing of property and also a few optional clauses to give you full flexibility. You can view a sample of the sublease by clicking the “Preview” button at the top right of the page.

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