Non Disclosure Letter



Use the Non Disclosure Letter to protect information where you need a short concise document the other side will sign.

  • Low cost, effective way to protect your information and ideas.
  • Solicitor drafted, jargon free, one page template letter.
  • Excellent value. The template can be re-used over and over again.
  • Recieve free updates of any changes to the letter template.
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Non Disclosure Letter

Our Non Disclosure Letter is a very short form version of our standard One Way Non Disclosure Agreement template. The benefit of this short form letter is that some businesses will resist signing a Non Disclosure Agreement if it looks long and time consuming to read. A letter feels a little less formal than a long agreement, but it is still just as binding. You may wish to send this letter to partners, consultants, suppliers, employees, affiliates or anyone else operating within close proximity to your business, who will have access to your business’ sensitive commercial information.

If a breach of confidentiality should ever occur, the letter states that you must be notified immediately. This obligation allows you to take steps to protect your information as soon as possible and hopefully, before any damage is done.

Using the Non Disclosure Letter

While we strive to make the letter suitable for many different situations, you should always edit the wording so that it is specific to your requirements. You can add detail to the letter if necessary, to fully explain the idea or project.

When you prepare the Non Disclosure Letter it should be printed and signed by both parties in duplicate. This is so that both parties have a signed copy to refer to and keep for their records.

Associated Documents

Once the Non Discloure Letter has been signed, you may find it easier to then put in place a more comprehensive, longer One Way Non Disclosure Agreement or a Reciprocal Non Disclosure Agreement if you will also be receiving confidential information.

We provide further information on confidentiality in our Business Law Guide to Obligations For Preserving Personal Data and Confidential Information and our Article on Handling Confidential Information.