UK Legal Advice

If you are looking for legal advice on a specific UK legal matter then you will soon be able to use our instant advice referral service. We are in the process of partnering with specialist legal advice providers. Legal advice will be available online from some of the leading Solicitors in your required legal field.

If you are looking for free legal advice then our articles and guides will provide some assistance to you. For those looking for online legal advice relating to a specific UK legal matter then our soon to launch online legal advice service will cater for this. As well as our free online legal advice service we will soon be launching a Find a Solicitor service which will enable you to view Solicitors that are registered to our Solicitor Directory or to submit your legal case details and we will match you with a suitable legal advice expert Solicitor.

UK Legal Advice Experts

We will put you in touch with a Solicitor relevant to your legal issue who is a specialist in the appropriate legal sector. We do not work with general practitioner Solicitors so you can be sure that you are getting the attention of a true legal expert in the field. The law has become very complicated and very broad and we believe that to get the best possible advice you should always consult a specialist legal advisor who practices in the specific area that you need advice on.

Free Online Legal Advice

Our legal advice referral service is completely free. We will not charge visitors for referring them to a Solicitor. Instead, the Solicitors that join our network will pay a fee to join our directory. We will not vet the law firms that apply to our directory but we will vet and conduct a quality assurance audit for all law firms that join our UK legal advice panel. This way you can be confident of receiving trusted and affordable legal advice, whether it be online or in person.

Joining Our Legal Advice Referral Panel

Law firms interested in joining our legal referral network should contact us at to discuss this developing opportunity. We are in the process of building our Solicitor Directory and legal advice referral services. Once launched, consumers and small businesses will be able to search our UK legal advice directory and select a legal adviser for themselves or they will be able to submit a legal case enquiry. One of our trained case workers will then review and qualify the referral before passing it on to an appropriate legal adviser from our legal advice network. With the cost of online marketing increasing and as more and more law firms realise the benefits of advertising online,  it is becoming harder and harder to place your website in front of your target online market. This is where we can help as we are experts in both legal publishing and marketing. Let us generate your free legal advice leads for you.