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Lawyers For You is our online lawyer directory and referral service. Here you will have direct, free access to legal advice provided online by local and online lawyers. It’s not ready just yet but will be available very soon.



At we provide legal information and legal documents and leave specific tailored advice to the experts. For this reason we provide an efficient service for you to be able to contact a local lawyer or an online lawyer for free advice. Our service means that you can find a lawyer for you fast and without any introduction fees. We will send your details to a lawyer who is local to you using our online lawyer system. You can talk directly to the lawyer about your legal problem or query and they can provide you with an initial overview and where appropriate, an assessment of the merits of your case. If you wish to proceed with the matter, you can then instruct the lawyer to act for you. This way you can be confident of finding the right lawyers for you without the hassle of going through lawyer directories yourself.  

The number of emails permitted to our online lawyers is limited but you should be able to find out important information within the confines of this free service, for example whether you have a case, what the next step to take is, or simply just to clarify a point of law as it applies to you.

A lawyer is a person able to handle legal matters. The legal profession is divided into Solictors and Barristers. Generally, a Solicitor lawyer will handle matters outside of the courts and a barrister will work within the courts. A qualified lawyer will have endured years of studying, training and examinations in order to qualify.  Lawyers usually work in a particular field.  For example, a Solicitor may specialise in e-commerce, but also undertake work of a general commercial nature.

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We aim to match your query to an appropriate UK lawyer specialising within that area of law within 48 hours so you can obtain the best service and advice possible and for free. It is our aim that this should, in practice, take no more than 24 hours.

If you are in business you may need the services of a lawyer. This Website is dedicated to providing anyone in need of a lawyer with the information to find one. We feature a full online Solicitor directory that details a wide number of lawyers detailed by location of the lawyer and also by area of practice. There are also helpful pages included in our Law Library such as a section on Legal Advice. These can be extremely helpful whether you need a lawyer or you are a lawyer and need some business forms. All of the business templates that are found on our Website are easy to download and can be used more than once. They are also customisable, if necessary.

Lawyers online can assist in complying with the law whether you are in business or conducting personal matters .A lawyer can draft specific agreements for you or provide further advice on their terms and implications. For example, personal lawyers can draft Wills, Power of Attorney documents and other legally binding agreements.

A Solicitor will also be able to give you advice on a wide range of business matters. This advice may lead to you needing to fill out one of the documents avialable on our web pages. You can browse our site with confidence as we strive to keep all of our information and documents up to date for the UK.

In this specific section you will find document templates geared toward lawyers. These templates will help you in your Solicitor business. For example, you may have a new client for whom you will need a contract of engagement. The contract template can be used to outline the case, the work you will do on the case and the payment mechanism or schedule to be followed. These documents will provide legally binding protection for your business.

If you are a lawyer, you may also wish to become part of our online lawyer referral service. which can help you build your client base. The customer can go to our referral page and enter their name, email address, phone number and county in which they live. Then they can provide a brief description of their needs and click on the 'Go' button. This Website can then refer them to you if you are the best lawyer to fulfil their needs.