Job Offer Letter



Our Job Offer Letter Template is used when making an offer of employment.

  • Professional, easy to use template drafted by a HR specialist.
  • Create the right professional impression with your potential employee.
  • Cover basic terms of employment to delay the need to issue a full contract, if required.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.


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Job Offer Letter Template

The Job Offer Letter is for use when making an offer of employment to either a full time or part time employee that will be working in a permanent or temporary position of employment with you.  

The Job Offer Letter does not constitute a contract of employment with the employee, even though it will usually contain a summary of all the key terms of employment. The Job Offer Letter confirms the offer of employment and the basic terms of the employment being offered. The employer then has two months to provide a full statement of terms of employment to the employee in the form of a contract of employment. You can use our comprehensive, legally compliant Contract of Employment template for this.

Our template Job Offer Letter has been drafted by our team of in-house Solicitors to make sure it is legally binding and has been cross-checked with an independent  Human Resources Advisor, to ensure that it is user friendly and sets the right tone with the potential future employee.

The body of the Job Offer Letter Template contains provision for the name of the person to whom the letter will be sent, the job title, the base salary and any bonuses and space for you to add any other terms that may have been discussed during the interview.

You should make sure that the new employee is aware of any drug testing policy, background check requirements, reference  requirements or medical checks that need to be performed or submitted before a Contract of Employment can be signed. Such matters should also be dealt with in the Job Offer Letter.

Using the Job Offer Letter Template

The template should be completed and then given to the potential employee to sign and return to confirm that they accept  and will abide by the terms of employment that you are offering.

Associated Documents

If you send out a Job Offer Letter, you will no doubt need our Employment Contract Template in the near future in order to properly and comprehensively document the terms of the employment relationship. You may also need our Compromise Agreement or Consultancy Agreement, or to refer to our informative Guides on the ACAS Code of Practice - Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures and Handling Confidential Information.