Employment Contract Template



Our Contract of Employment Template is easy to customise to your business' reguirements:

  • Suitable for permanant and temporary employees.
  • Suitable for full time and part time employees.
  • Solicitor drafted for accuracy and peace of mind.
  • Save to your computer or manage online in your own control panel.

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Contract of Employment Template

Our Employment Contract Template is suitable for the employment of permanent and temporary staff, as well as full time and part time employees.

It is a legal requirement in the UK that all employees are provided with a full written statement of their employment terms within two months of commencing their employment. During the first two months of employment, a business can rely on a summary of the employees' basic terms of employment which should be contained in the Job Offer Letter provided to the employee before they begin their employment with the company. This two month window is very useful for a business as it can be used as a trial or probationary period of employment. This trial period can be extended by the employer in the Employment Contract if required and it is not uncommon for businesses to choose probationary periods of employment of 6 months or more.

Employment Contract Law Considerations

There are standard UK employment law requirements that must be met by employers and the easiest way to make sure that you are complying with them is to use a Contract of Employment template that has been drafted by a qualified Solicitor. All of our employment contracts have been drafted by our team of in-house Solicitors specialising in their field of expertise.

Regulations dating from 2002 require that all fixed term and part time employees must be treated in the same manner as other employees of the company. Many of the terms and conditions for employment are standard in the UK and these are covered in this Contract of Employment template. All standard variable matters such as rate of pay, hours to be worked, holiday entitlement and termination of employment can be customised to suit your requirements, within the legal framework. So you can provide for any rate of pay provided that it meets the national minimum wage and you can provide for any notice period that is over the minimum length required by law.

Using our Contract of Employment Template

Once purchased, you can save your template to your computer and you can also use our customer drafting suite, that is provided to all our customers free of charge, to manage your templates, save completed documents and receive updates of any changes made to the templates in accordance with developments in employment law.

The Contract of Employment template can be purchased individually or as part of a subscription to the employment law section of our site for cost effective employment documentation and information.

Clauses in our Contract of Employment Template

The template makes provision for all of the stardard clauses required in a contract of employment and includes optional clauses for complete flexibility.

Associated Documents

Our Employment Documents section also includes a template Job Offer Letter, Consultancy Agreement and Compromise Agreement. Employment law is complex and changes regularly. Our Law Library contains Guides and Articles for both employers and employees on key subjects such as Employee Rights, Intellectual Property and Employees and An Overview of the Redundancy Process.