Compromise Agreement



Our Compromise Agreement is suitable for use by any business in order to settle all claims with a departing employee.

  • Solicitor drafted for reliability and peace of mind.
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Save on high stree legal fees without compromising on quality with our Solicitor drafted Employment Compromise Agreement.

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Employment Compromise Agreement

A Compromise Agreement is used when an employee is leaving a business and you and the employee have agreed to settle all possible claims that either the business may have against the departing employee or the employee may have against the business.

For a Compromise Agreement to be legally binding ,the employee must take independent legal advice to ensure that they understand the implications of the agreement. The Solicitor who provides the advice must sign a certificate to confirm that the advice has been given to the employee. The advice confirms to the employee that by signing the agreement they are waiving any claim that they may otherwise have against the business now and in the future so that once signed, any potential claims cannot ever be pursued. The Solicitor will advise the employee that in return for giving up any claim, the business will also waive any potential claim that it may have against the employee and will also advise the employee of any other benefit that is granted to it by the Compromise Agreement.

Using our Compromise Agreement

All of our employment contracts are drafted by our team of in-house solicitors specialising in employment law so that you can have the peace of mind in knowing that you are using a comprehensive and legally reliable document template.

Putting in place a Compromise Agreement m you know that costly litigation with the employee is never going to take place as a result of the ending of their employment with the company.

Clauses in our Compromise Agreement

Our Compromise Agreemnt template contains all the clauses that are required by law for the agreement to be valid and enforceable. It is compliant with the Employment Rights Act of 1996 and the Employment Act of 2002 and includes a standard confidentiality clause that requires the departing employee to keep secret any details of the contents or terms contained in the Compromise Agreement.

Any potential claim that is not waived in the Compromise Agreement can subsequently raised by the employee and for this reason we include a broad waiver of all claims as well as scope for you to introduce specific claims that you or the employee may have due to the nature of your business or the employment relationship.

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