Separation Agreement



This Separation Agreement template can be used to save expensive legal fees where a couple have agreed to the terms of their separation.

  • Solicitor drafted template Deed of Separation for peace of mind and reliability.
  • Fully customisable. Covers assets, debts and custody of children and much more.
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Deed of Separation

A Separation Agreement is sutable for use by a married or cohabiting couple who have agreed the terms for their separation and want to record these terms in a formal legal agreement. By recording the agreed terms in writing there is less scope for future dispute over the terms of the separation. The Separation Agreement is legally binding and can be used as evidence to establish the terms of a future divorce petition.

It is common for the Separation Agreement to focus on the shared assets of the couple such as the family home, the children and the financial obligations of the parties.

As mentioend above, a Separation Agreement is a formal legal document and can be relied upon in Court if one of the parties decides to challenge any of the agreed terms at a later date. The Court does have discretion to vary the agreed terms but this only happens in extreme situations such as where there has been a significant change in the circumstances of one of the parties prior to the formal divorce and the Court feels that it would therefore be reasonable for that party to provide greater financial assistance to the other party.

It is not necessary to take legal advice before entering into a Separation Agreement but it is highly recommended. Taking formal legal advice on your completed agreement removes the possibility that one of the parties can subsequently claim that they did not understand all of its contents.

Using Our Seperation Agreement Template

Our template Seperation Agreement is straightforward and concise. The template has been drafted by our team of Solicitors and includes many optional clauses so that it is almost certain to cover all possible circumstances. The template can be easily edited to suit your specific requirements by simply editing or deleting the words within the square brackets throughout the agreement.

When you have finished completing the template you will then have drafted your Separation Agreement, which will be ready to print and sign. You can then save your completed document to your computer or you can save it to our free online document storage facility to which you will automatically be sent free updates to the documents that you have purchased. This allows you to easily manage your templates and stay up to date with any changes to the law.

Clauses in Our Separation Agreement Template

You can view a preview of the Separation Agreement by simply clicking on the "Preview" button under the document summary but for a quick overview the Agreement contains clauses covering the following subjects:

• Capital Payments
• Land and Property
• Possessions and Assets
• Child maintenance
• School fees
• Maintenance payments
• Agreement to divorce
• Schedule of income and liabilities

Our Separation Agreement can be purchased and then re-used as many times as required or can be purchased as part of a subscription to the Divorce Papers section of this website.

Associated Documents

Other documents that may be of use in relation to a separation include our Change of Name Deed and Codicil for making changes to an existing Will.