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Use this Prenuptial Agreement template to preserve individual property ownership rights before getting married.

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Prenuptial Agreements

A Prenuptial Agreement is a written contract that is entered into by a couple before they get married. The purpose of the agreement is to record what the parties agree regarding the division of their assets in the event that their marriage breaks down and they separate. The agreement is also sometimes referred to as a Premarital or Prenup Agreement.

The Prenuptial Agreement states that the parties agree to retain sole ownership of those assets that they each owned separately prior to the marriage. The couple has the option to choose whether assets that each acquires after the marriage are also to be considered individual assets or whether those assets will become shared property.

Recent case law has held that prenuptial agreements are legally binding in the UK so in most circumstances a Court will now hold that the terms of the Prenuptial Agreement are legally binding on the parties.

It is highly recommended that parties seek independent legal advice before committing to a prenuptial agreement to fully understand the implications of the terms that they have agreed upon. The agreement should not be put in place any later than 21 days before the marriage date as otherwise it could be argued that too much pressure was placed upon either party to sign, rendering the agreement legally ineffective.

Using Our Prenuptial Agreement Template

This Prenuptial Agreement template is fully customisable and has been drafted by a specialist divorce Solicitor to ensure that it is comprehensive. Once purchased, you can download your Prenuptial Agreement template to edit.

Clauses in the Prenuptial Agreement Template

A sample of this Prenuptial Agreement can be viewed by clicking the "Preview" button above. For a quick overview, the Prenuptial Agreement contains clauses that deal with the following key issues:

• Pre marriage assets and finances
• Pre marriage and post marriage property
• Post marriage assets and finances
• Gifts between the parties
• Rights and responsibilities

Associated Documents

Where a couple has already married, they can put in place a Post Nuptial Agreement which is very similar to the Prenuptial Agreement but is drafted to take account of the fact that the parties have married and have then decided to record their intentions regarding the sharing of their assets in the event of a break up of the marriage. As well as premarital agreements, we also have a wide range of additional Divorce Papers and Divorce Forms in our divorce section, such as our Separation Agreement and Change of Name Deed.