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Copyright Assignment Agreement Template

Copyright laws exist to protect a business and its intellectual property by ensuring that no one else can use copyrighted material without the owner's permission. However, there are times when you might need permission to use someone else's copyrighted material or wish to grant rights to another over certain copyrighted materials. For example, you may wish to transfer some or all rights in copyrighted material to a different owner. A Copyright Assignment Agreement can be used to assign copyright to a new owner.

You can use the Copyright Assignment Agreement to transfer some or all of the copyright in a work to a new owner. One instance where this may be necessary is when selling your business. On a business sale, the new owner will want to own all the rights that are used in the business. This means that all paperwork, patents, copyright etc. will need to be transferred to them. With a copyright assignment you will be transferring all or part of the copyrighted material that your business owns.

The Copyright Assignment Agreement can apply for a set period of time only so the transfer does not have to be permanent. So you can transfer the copyright in part for the entire time that copyright will subsist or you can include rights to end the assignment early.

Copyright in material created by an employee in the course of their employment will automatically subsist with the employer, however it is good practice for the employer to obtain a formal copyright assignment in respect of any such works to avoid any ambiguity or dispute about its ownership.

The copyright assignment must be in writing to be effective. It cannot be used to assign moral rights.

Using our Copyright Assignment Agreement Template

Our comprehensive Copyright Assignment Agreement template has been created by our team of in-house solicitors. Each one of our legal document templates are designed to protect you in the manner you require. To ensure this can be achieved, you can customise the document to suit your needs.

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