Loan Agreement



A Loan Agreement Template suitable for use by an individual or business when entering into an unsecured loan.

  • Solicitor drafted loan template
  • Fully customisable and easy to edit
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Loan Agreement Template

A loan can be made without entering into a formal loan agreement but this is never wise. Using a Loan Agreement means that there is a legally binding contract that records the terms of the loan. If a dispute arises regarding the loan or its repayment, you can rely on the Loan Agreement to enforce your rights in accordance with its terms. Our Loan Agreement is suitable for use in England and Wales but can also be used in other countries by amending the jurisdiction clause. The agreement creates an unsecured loan. 

Our Loan Agreement template can be used by either an individual or a business, such as a company or partnership for a personal or commercial loan. The Loan Agreement is flexible and can be customised to suit the specific terms of the loan. For example, interest is included as chargeable within our Loan Agreement template but can be excluded if required.

Using our Loan Agreement Template

Our template Loan Agreement has been drafted by a specialist commercial contracts Solicitor so you can have the peace of mind of knowing that you are putting in place a robust and legally binding agreement that has been professionally drafted. The agreement is ideal for creating a simple loan arrangement. The template has been carefully created to make sure that it is easy to customise and understand. 

The agreement template can be downloaded to your computer as a Microsoft Word document for easy editing. The final document can then be saved to your computer for printing or can be saved to your personal Legal Centre document storage facility that is included free for all customers. This means that you can access your templates anytime, even when you are away from your own computer. All you need is an internet connection to access the storage facility. 

Clauses in the Loan Agreement Template

 The Loan Agreement template contains standard clauses that are necessary to protect your insterests and to direct what is to happen in the event of a default in repayment. 

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