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We are a specialist online digital provider of legal resources. On our site you can find a range of legal document templates that can all be reviewed online in digital format and then downloaded as a Word template for you to conveniently complete. Our online documents are very affordable and start at just £2.99. You will save hundreds of pounds compared to the cost of having a solicitor draw up a similar document. We cover a broad range of personal and business related documents.

As a digital resource we pride ourself in making legal templates and other resources avialble in the easiest possible format. Digital works very well for this as you can access our site and browse documents or read legal guides from the comfort of your chair. Whether you are at home or at work.

Redevelopment of the website was delayed and we are seeking to re launch the site late in 2014. We are still being being assisted by the team at Surge who are experts in digital and online marketing as well aswebsite development and most importantly user experience. Surge Digital are still exploring options to redevelop this platform and if successful we will be integrating digital legal documents that will enable our customers to buy, sign and store their documents online. Accordingly expect to see a leaner, simpler and all round easier to use version of this site in the near future. Until then do make the most of our detailed range of resources. We have been providing online legal templates and guides to individuals and businesses since 2009 and over the last 5 years have continued to strive to make sure that every customer is a happy costomer and benefits from affordable documents that they can rely on.

Our Legal Document Templates

If you are looking to manage your own legal document drafting then our Solicitor drafted legal online document templates and legal forms will enable you to produce reliable and up to date legal documents and agreements, without incurring expensive Solicitor fees.

When you purchase a legal document template from our site you gain access to your own administration control panel and document archive where you can store, review, edit and retrieve your documents, templates and forms, all online. You can print your completed legal documents and forms off or edit and re-use them as many times as you like.

When you buy a document from us you can be assured of keeping an up to date version of the document for life. We provide free updates to past customers whenever a legal document or form is updated by us. The updates are delivered free and directly to your Administration Control Panel. You can also create your own legal know how library. Within your Customer Control Panel you can store links to any of our articles, guides or news posts for your future reference.

Through working with leading Universities and Solicitor firms around the country we are able to provide one of the most comprehensive legal libraries on the Internet. For more information please take a look at our Knowledge Partners page.

Online Legal Advice Made SImple

If you need legal advice on either a personal or a business matter then we can assist in two ways. For those looking for instant online advice then our legal advice service means you can obtain tailored legal advice from one of our legal advice partners instantly. Alternatively, if you need to instruct a Solicitor then you can use our find a Solicitor service and either search our directory of Solicitor firms or submit a legal case query and one of our specialist claims handlers will recommend a local Solicitor to you who can best advise and represent you. You then choose whether you want to be put through to the Solicitor there and then or whether you would prefer that we arrange for them to contact you at a time convenient to you.

We will soon be introducing an online comparison feature that will enable you to shop for a solicitor by comparing reviews on them as well as their quotes for the work you require. This service will be enabled by the online shopping comparison and reviews engine Comparlo and we expect to introduce it late this 2014 along with the refined user experience enhancements that we will be making.

Preview Online Legal Documents Before You Buy

We have introduced a preview feature so that you can view all legal document templates online in digital format before you buy them. All of our legal documents and legal forms can all be purchased on a one-off, individual basis. Whenever we update a document template we deliver the updated version to you without further charge and you can re-use all legal document templates and forms as many times as you wish. All for the one-off low price of your document template(s). You can save hundreds of pounds on legal fees by avoiding the need to engage a high street Solicitor.
All of our legal documents and forms have been carefully drafted by a Solicitor specialising in their area of practice so that you can obtain peace of mind in knowing that your document template is reliable and up to date. 

If, once you have drafted your legal document template, you are not sure about any aspect of it you can contact one of the online Solicitors we work with to obtain professional legal advice on the document. The Solicitor can review and where required, amend your document. You can obtain legal advice on any aspect of the document for a fixed fee. There are never any uncertain legal charges because all the Solicitors that we work with provide their legal services on a fixed fee basis. If you would prefer to choose your own solicitor for legal advice or to review a document that you have created using one of our templates then you can also browse our Solicitor Directory to find a solicitor near to you.

What Types of Legal Documents and Legal Forms do we Provide?

Just about every legal document and form available on the internet is the answer. We have a huge range of legal documents and a wide variety of legal documents and forms. These range form widely used document templates like our contract of employment template to more obscure document templates like our Commercial Lease Agreement. All of our legal document categories are listed within the personal document and business document templates pages which can be reached via the main navigation bar above.

Since launching in November 2008 we have made significant developments to this website as a result of customer feedback. Please do let us have any feedback including suggestions for improving further our legal advice and legal document services.
If you are a law firm visiting our site please take a look at our marketing services for solicitors page. We have a variety of marketing opportunities available.  If you wish to work with us then please contact us to discuss joining our panel of law firms or the other solicitor marketing opportunities that are available.





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